Teenager programming weekly holiday camp

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5 Afternoons of innovative, educational and fun activities !! During this holiday camp your children will be fully immersed in the English culture.  They will discover the SCRATCH JR programming language. They will learn how to program robots and drones, will get a first introduction to electronics and they’ll become heroes in their own movie trailer, where we work with a green screen!

This holiday camp in only available in Aix en Provence in english, and half english. >> PROGRAMM 1st week, 2nd week .


INSTRUCTIONS: Please note that this English holiday camp will be available only in Aix en Provence with our partner «Les Petits Bilingues» from 14 pm to 16 pm.

For All Saints Holidays, the holiday camp will take place :

  • 21st-25th october : Monday to Friday  – 150€  : FULL PROGRAMM
  • 28th-31st october : Monday to Thursday (Friday : bank holiday) – 120€ : FULL PROGRAMM

During this holiday camp, your children will discover the programming language SCRATCH JR. They will have a first introduction to coding with the little robot Cozmo. This fun programmable robot has a Wall-E personality is using the language CODELAB, similar to SCRATCH JR. We will also initiate them to electronics with Makey Makey, an invention kit where they’ll be able to connect anything to a computer, and program it with Scratch Jr !

COZMO: Cozmo has an AMAZING personality: it is incredibly responsive, and thanks to its many sensors, Cozmo has an appropriate response to everything. As Cozmo is rather small, you can code it on a tablet: no need to have a big computer.

Above all, Cozmo is a toy : children don’t even realise they work and stimulate different areas of their brains because they’re having fun! The creator, Anki gives you high-level functions to do very complex things such as stacking cubes, which allow real progress over time.

SCRATCH JR: Scratch is extremely expressive. The number of things you can do with Scratch is endless! Children can record their voice, build a game, create variables, use functions, and so much more. It is truly amazing how many different things you can build with Scratch.

MAKEY-MAKEY: We also teach Scratch with Makey-Makey kits, an invention kit that connects any object that conducts even a little bit of electricity to make things like clay into a gamepad. Makey Makey projects use metal alligator clips connected to their board to generate electric impulses which any computer device accepts as input. So you can browse web pages or play online games. It’s great fun.


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CM1-CM2; Collège (6ème)


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Du lundi au jeudi / vendredi (voir planning) de 14h00 à 16h00.


Aix en Provence – 5 Rue des Allumettes, 13090


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