Robots programming initiation

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One-hour introductory workshop on the use of the Scratch language and the Cozmo robot. Children discover playfully fundamental concepts: sensors, movements, sequencing …

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Discover robotics through the little robot Cozmo. He can see, speak, move, recognize objects … and especially interact with you! You will learn to know its features and to understand them. To learn how to program you will be introduced to the Scratch language. In a very simple way you will gradually discover notions of logic and programming.

Objective of the training: Once you have understood the basics of Scratch, you will be able to program Cozmo and take up challenges with him and if you wish to move on to the stage of improvement!

Disponible en anglais et en français. Available in English and French. 

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Target audience

CP; CE1-CE2; CM1-CM2; Collège


Please consult the planning


1 hour


Carrefour de l'Innovation et du Numérique – 100 Rue des Bœufs, 13100 Aix-en-Provence


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