What better than learning how to code? Coding in English!

After Marseille and Bouc Bel Air, CrocosGoDigital is opening a new training center in Aix en Provence, at the « Carrefour de l’Innovation et du Numérique (C-IN) »!

Aix en Provence has many international companies, schools and families and we would like to offer English-speaking children the opportunity to step into the world of programming.

Whatever your child’s level of English (native speaker or learning English in an international/bilingual school), let them have fun programming our robots to stimulate their cognitive functions, deepen their computer science skills and boost their confidence. Through coding, kids learn the process of logical thinking and begin to understand critical reasoning.

We keep our lessons interactive and fun, with cutting-edge themes and discoveries covered as part of the lessons. We handpick our trainers not only for their tech/educational expertise, but also for their passion in working with children. Our small teacher-child ratio class size encourages close interaction between the kids and the trainer and allows for individualized attention to maximize each child’s learning experience.

Learn more about the digital universe thanks to our innovative training!


Carrefour de l’Innovation et du Numérique (C-IN)
100 Rue des Bœufs 13100 Aix-en-Provence

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robots programming initiation

Robots programming initiation

Discover robotics through the little robot Cozmo. He can see, speak, move, recognize objects … and especially interact with you! You will learn to know its features and to understand them. To learn how to program you will be introduced to the Scratch language. In a very simple way you will gradually discover notions of logic and programming.

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“My son, Rémy, really enjoyed the workshop. He found the english good and he liked EVERYTHING.. the coding, game and cosmo. Thanks you so much.”

My daughter Velvet absolutely loved the robot workshop. She came out grinning from ear to ear saying. « That was the best thing ever! Can I go every week. It’s like creating a new species!”. She thought Carlijne was an excellent teacher and said she learned loads and it felt fun and relaxed. She can’t wait to teach Cosmo more! She loved interacting with the other bilingual kids – she had a robot tug of war with one of the boys which she thought was great and loved the fact they were quite independent but help was on hand if needed. Thanks so much for giving her this opportunity. We are definitely interested in coming again.


Carlijne DENTENEERPrimary school and remediation teacher (orthopédagogue)
Remediation teacher (orthopédagogue) and teacher in primary education. Graduated at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands). Experience in regular and special education as a teacher and support for children with special needs. Passionate about letting children learn at their own level and possibilities through the digital tools that are a big part of our daily lives and future.
Toni DOUBLECo-fondateur, responsable technique et pédagogique
Ingénieur de formation, père de 3 enfants, il travaille depuis 20 ans dans le jeu vidéo à différents postes : programmeur, game designer, producteur, directeur de studio… A Kalisto, Cryo, Ubisoft, Exkee. Il enseigne en parallèle le Jeu Vidéo dans de nombreuses écoles, notamment à Isart Digital où il fut responsable pédagogique.
Alexandre AMIEL
Alexandre AMIELFormateur Développeur
Diplômé de l’Ecole National Supérieure d’Expression Plastique, passionné par les nouvelles technologies et la programmation appliquée au champ de l’Art, Alexandre possède des connaissances solides dans les domaines de la programmation, de l’animation et dans l’encadrement d’ateliers periscolaires.
Transmettre un savoir, partager son expérience et échanger dans le cadre d’ateliers de programmation et de robotique sont pour lui de vrais challenges qu’il va relever !
Laure NOLLETFormateur Design
Professeur des écoles, professeur certifié de Lettres, diplômée des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg et titulaire d’un master de multimédia aux Beaux Arts de Paris – Télecom Paris. Game designer et graphiste dans le jeu vidéo chez Cryo interactive, Magic Pockets, Apportmédia, et indépendante.
Enseigner de façon ludique grâce aux possibilités infinies offertes par les nouvelles technologies a été le fil conducteur de ses études et de sa carrière professionnelle.